Intelligent construction and the future of telecommunications projects

Like all industries, the construction sector is seeing an increasing investment in digital technologies that can support their operations, with the rise of ‘intelligent construction’. From big-picture project management through to individual work sites, digital tools are now commonplace, especially on large projects like those undertaken in the telecommunications sector.

The complexity of managing the workforce in this situation is one area in particular that has seen the shift towards intelligent construction. Rather than simply managing a contracting workforce through existing tools, organisations can now use advanced systems to procure and manage a contractor workforce through a single portal.
Improved information technology is one of the most important aspects of this shift towards intelligent construction, underscored in the federal government’s most recent report on the evolving construction sector. Integrating ICT into every aspect of the project lifecycle was cited as one of the six development areas where intelligent construction is going to see considerable growth.

ConSol from Yarris is a leader in the field of contractor management software for the telecommunications construction software. Offering a comprehensive platform to procure and oversee the relationship providers have with contractors, this technology offers an unmatched experience in streamlining this process.

What are the advantages of intelligent construction?

For those charged with overseeing the installation of a new telecommunications project, there are many advantages to come from the digitisation of these core processes. Moving contractor management into the cloud, for example, provides a number of distinct advantages for companies pursuing digital construction tools.

These benefits include:

  1. Time-sensitive project management. Telecommunications construction relies on contractors meeting strict time frames at every stage of the project lifecycle. Relying on cloud-based management software can instantly raise alerts if timelines are exceeded for specific KPIs.
  2. Understand contractor performance. Using a panel management service like that on offer through ConSol makes it easy for companies to view a contractor’s previous performance, using a star rating system.
  3. Streamlined internal processes. Every organisation in the telecommunications construction sector will have internal compliance processes to go through. Managing these with a cloud service can make it easier to navigate a complex internal workflow.
  4. Like all sectors within the industry, telecommunications is going to continue seeing the impact of digital technology on their internal processes. While this involves rethinking the way organisations complete certain tasks, it offers an opportunity to improve the contractor management experience, while also reducing costs.