ConSol Mobile offers an
impressive suite of features

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From early on ConSol recognised the potential productivity and transparency gains that come from providing mobile solutions.  Since our early forays into mobility, we have enhanced ways to mobilise the crews undertaking work in the field and have developed ConSol Mobile. With a responsive design, we have ensured that ConSol Mobile is simple to use, visually appealing and highly functional.

Key features

Job definition artefacts

All of the artefacts and documentation uploaded by the customer is available in-app, making access to required information just a button click away, with no more printing required.

Attach artefacts and photographs 

Capture static images and video from mobile devices or access stored images from the device gallery, then attach them directly to the order, for real-time viewing back in the office.

Photo watermarking

State of the art watermarking with time, latitude and longitude,ConSol Mobile watermarking attaches simple and clear order detail to every image taken on-site, with optional standard fields to select from for extended detail. This ensures accurate order details and geo-coordinates are attached to every image.

Tag artefacts to schedule
of rates items

Identify specific artefacts required to support a supplier’s claim for payment, and enforce the provision of appropriate artefacts before a claim can be submitted, improving the quality of the claims submitted with fewer rejections and faster payment cycles.

Work orders and order details

ConSol Mobile provides easy access to orders issued in ConSol, presenting field staff with order details, notes and customer documentation in one place, enabling them to efficiently carry out their work.

Work distribution maps with
route options

We provide access to map displays of pending or accepted jobs, providing calculated routes for best travel options between jobs, reducing travel time and assisting with the ‘which job next’ decision?

Submit variation requests

Ensure that any changes to scope are reported as soon as they are identified, enabling the supplier to proceed with confidence, while the customer is aware of any extensions to time or cost that are occurring.

Present configurable checklists and questionnaires 

Collect additional information about jobs, the workers or the site, including questionnaires such as safety checks, health check, equipment lists and client surveys.

Push notification of service level agreements breaches and order changes

Informs field crews of changes to the order in real-time, ensuring the current and correct instructions are followed, providing awareness of any SLA performance breaches so immediate action can be taken to avoid the breach.

On-site crew

All on-site crew members can register their involvement on a job, ensuring JSA and OHSA compliances can be easily handled.   This feature assists with back-office resource management allowing managers to know who is currently committed and where.

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