Optimise construction procurement and delivery
with a comprehensive,
source-to-payment solution
to manage subcontractor workforces

ConSol helps asset owners and their construction business partners reduce risk, improve compliance, increase efficiency and work better with their suppliers.

Get a real time snapshot of what’s happening across your business, service providers and work orders.
Any time.

ConSol replaces labour intensive, paper-based systems, providing you and your staff with visibility into every aspect of your source-to-pay business processes.

ConSol is for large companies and corporations who want to manage supplier sourcing, through to tender and contract management, procurement, subcontractor management and delivery.

Source and manage suppliers

  • Identify and evaluate potential suppliers
  • Select and engage with suitable suppliers offering the best value both in terms of cost, risk, service and performance
  • Evaluate supplier performance and delivery

Simplify communication

  • Centralize all work orders, communications,
    documentationand more on one platform
  • Automate repeatable tasks: work order creation,
    scheduling invoicing and payments

Manage projects more efficiently

  • Manage contracts, schedules, workgroups,
    users and more
  • Assign milestones, set customisable alerts
    for overruns and monitor work order status

Analyse and share data

  • Measure provider performance against
    their contract
  • Report on team productivity and profitability

Case study

We spoke with Paul Donker from Tandem on the role technology played in Tandem’s Telstra excavation permit survey and review process, and how ConSol assisted in the process.

Service Stream Communications

“We now have a similar number of staff managing over 20 percent more work than they did under the old system”

ConSol helps enterprises track and manage every aspect of their source-to-pay process to reduce paperwork and improve productivity.

Always choose the best supplier

Manage the entire tender process from offers to suppliers through to evaluation.

5-star ranking system helps you identify the best, contractually compliant suppliers for your needs.

ConSol helps you make safe and informed decisions with data drawn from each supplier’s historical work performance and compliance with SLAs and KPIs.

Streamline work order processes

Manage work order workflow forms, acceptance, variation requests and progress milestones in the system.

Review and approve actual costs submissions and invoices.

With a few clicks, quickly share documents or work order notes with suppliers.

Real time data transfer to and from worksite

ConSol ensures that your project management data is kept safe and sound within a software engineered and certified to the ISO 27001 international standard for information security.

Collateral, financial information and scheduling information are all made available in real-time to each of your teams in the office and out in the field.

Track and monitor

At-a-glance updates enable you to easily monitor projects and tasks assigned to your internal staff and teams in the field.

Centralised repository of documents, tasks, deliverables, status and communications are fully searchable, with a detailed audit trail.

Quickly report on budget to expense ratio for projects.

Robust document management

ConSol provides a central source of truth for workers in the office and in the field.

Ensure that your key project management collateral like maps, diagrams and specifications are accessible to key stakeholders. Managers can view full audit histories with control over document viewing permissions.

Everything you need is kept safe and secure on a mobile accessible central repository – engineered and certified to the ISO 27001 international standard for information security.

communication channels

Collaborate easily with everyone in the service delivery chain via broadcast messaging, individual messaging and tracking.

Work order notes and attachments are stored in the system, eliminating back and forth e-mails.

Workflow triggered messaging and customisable messaging settings keep everyone on the same page.


On-demand reporting enables you to better forecast your monthly spend, adjust rates where required, and better organise your workforce to meet service delivery targets.

ConSol’s Reporting Portal enables users to select from an existing library of defined reports with in-built filtering options, choice of output formats and the ability to schedule regular generation of the report.

Authorised users can create their own reports from defined topics using a simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality.

Efficient contract management

Receive manager alerts and warnings when deadlines and overruns are detected.

Upload, create or review contract templates, business rules, schedules of rates, compliance requirements, evidentiary documents, insurances and more.

Monitor zone coverage, prescribed SLAs, KPIs, information packs and apply bulk contract updates.

ConSol is source-to-pay
procurement software that
simplifies your complex project
workflows putting you back
in control

Fully customized to
your business

ConSol is specifically designed for enterprises, utilities, telcos, construction companies and service providers who engage contractors and project-based staff.

Configure workflow templates and database fields to suit your organisation – add fields at project, order or item level.
Receive comprehensive training and support.

Easily integrates with other systems

Services layer enables easy integration with other systems.
APIs providing multiple integration points.
User-definable import and export templates enable the bulk movement of data both into and out of ConSol.

Integrate with payments systems such as SAP to fully automate your invoice approval and payment process.

ConSol at a glance

ConSol is an innovative and world-leading construction management software platform that enables transparency on the fine detail of construction projects for corporations, asset owners and their construction business partners and subcontractors. ConSol users access performance data and indicators that enable quality decision making and prediction.

With our suite of communication, collaboration and integration tools, you and your teams will reach a new level or transparency, management, decision-making and reporting. Join the digital transformation with ConSol, to enhance the way you work.

  • Over 3.3 Million orders processed
  • Over 8.4 billion dollars paid
  • Nearly 19,000 active users
  • Nearly 14,000 telco construction company users
  • Over 50,000 quotes
  • Over 25 million order items
  • Over 2.7 million invoices
  • Nearly 14 million documents
  • Over 26,000 contracts
  • Partnered with Telstra since 2000

ConSol integrates with these systems

ConSol offers your business a secure way to draw on the strengths of cloud-computing – without having to invest in on-site hardware or the expertise to keep it running. We present a simple and effective solution that integrates seamlessly with a broad range of tools, a capability that ensures you can keep what works and iterate around the things you want to improve.

ConSol certifications