Why ConSol?

Track and manage every aspect of the source-to-pay process
including tender and panel management and evaluation through
to contract management and procurement.  Manage subcontractors
through the entire construction delivery cycle through to
subcontractor claims and payments.

Centralised source-to-pay collaboration platform

ConSol is the communications hub between your organisation and the supplier base. Issue requests for proposals and tenders, evaluate them and manage the resulting contract.  For contracted suppliers, issue purchase orders and work orders. Embed agility as ConSol Mobile enables the contractor to receive and provide in-the-field updates, request variations and manage documentation. 

ConSol’s real time information improves process efficiency and reduces the resources needed for each order. Upload, search or store project documentation. Set user controls so key stakeholders can access important project details. Keep track of work in progress with customised messaging.

Optimise compliance and transparency

Improve contractor performance for service delivery by measuring performance against contractual obligations. Obtain real time visibility into contractor ratings, compare suppliers and view cost benchmarks for projects. 

Track work orders, projects or tasks (across multiple suppliers and team members) from end to end with ConSol’s powerful operations dashboard. The system prevents surprises with automatic alerts when deadlines and overruns are detected. Variation request controls ensure payment only for the amount approved.

Streamline processes

Create customised templates and automated workflows to standardise business processes and ensure consistent, timely processes across the organisation. Automate payment processes by connecting ConSol with invoicing systems. Eliminate labour intensive data entry tasks by leveraging ConSol’s simple, robust import processes. 

ConSol enables all staff across the procurement, operations and finance functions to support improved construction delivery by entering updates and documentation.  ConSol’s  star rating system for subcontractors allows simple assessment of past performance and selection of the ideal candidates for each project. Ensure selected contractors stay in the loop with ConSol Mobile and prevent project delays with customised alerts for deadlines and overages.

Comprehensive management capabilities

Monitor every aspect of construction delivery, no matter how many services, suppliers and team members are involved. Compare and report on supplier performance, submit requests for quotes, set KPIs and SLAs, create and assign milestones for projects and review invoices. Create, define and track schedules, workgroups, users, workflows and more. 

Use on-demand reports to benchmark costs and forecast outcomes. Integrate ConSol with ERP and finance systems to define budgets for each project and manage orders accordingly. Review operational dashboards charts, maps and tables to quickly identify and rectify operational problems.

Transform the way you work with ConSol