ConSol Software can manage requests for quotation

Construction project managers are under constant pressure to deliver on time and under budget. Engaging a panel of suppliers can provide flexibility and competitive advantages.

ConSol project managers usually rely on a diverse network of suppliers who provide essential services based on an agreed rate structure. Our metrics show us that ConSol users aren’t taking advantage of all their tools to seek the best price.

Sometimes, there is a need for alternative pricing during a program. This might happen because the volume or concentration of work changes in different separable portions of construction. Acceleration might be required to close a gap in delivery or react to change requests. The procurement strategy might predict that there will be more supply during different phases of a project. In these scenarios, an agreement that supports request for quotation (RFQ) pricing can optimise the budget.

When suppliers are engaged under a contract in ConSol, scheduled item pricing is not the only way that work can be offered. You may not know that project managers have the ability to:

  • Transmit requests for quotation (RFQ) to existing suppliers
  • Use scope items that already exist, even if they have rate schedules
  • Establish terms and duration for the RFQ process
  • Engage a single supplier to implement an alternate pricing strategy, or
  • Select multiple suppliers to respond to a competitive quote
  • Create and transmit construction orders directly from the selected quotation

Construction project managers need tools that will enable them to maximise value. In some scenarios, an RFQ engagement model can help realise those goals.

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