Tender and panel management

Construction project procurement can be a complex undertaking. Long procurement cycles, ensuring best supplier selection and the agility to respond to today’s dynamic procurement environment requires a robust procurement management strategy supported by a comprehensive, integrated procurement solution. 

Tender and RFx management, as a component of the procurement process, requires secure, user-defined groups to manage the exchange of the large volumes of tender data typically generated by construction projects. Flexibility in tender workflow is also important as changes emerge during the process requiring continual, secure communications with respondents. 

The complexity doesn’t end following tender submission as evaluation teams wade through the various submission components to identify those tenderers offering the best response across dimensions of cost, risk and performance. 

ConSol manages the entire process of tender management from secure storage and transmission of documentation by and between tenderer and respondent through to the complex evaluation of responses all whilst providing the requisite levels of compliance and transparency.