Contract management

Construction contracts management software

Implementing software that streamlines the management of construction contracts allows more efficient and effective management of the business. Complex contractual paperwork can be stored, signed and submitted through ConSol’s contract management software. Access contracts and all relevant paperwork through ConSol’s integrated document management system.

Construction contract administration software keeps everything in one place

Eliminate double handling associated with having contracts drawn up, signed and stored. ConSol makes version control simple as documents can be worked on in real time by multiple stakeholders in remote locations with the contract with all the compliance paperwork and supporting documents housed in one place. Creating and sending out contracts to subcontractors from within the software is also radically simplified. 

Stay on schedule and budget

ConSol’s  end-to-end solution for contract management assists teams build a cohesive way of working with important documents. Signed, unsigned contracts, contracts that are in development and other important documents are easily accessible through ConSol. Digitising the contract management process ensures there is no longer any need to print and sign contracts.

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