Find the Look up and Live tools quickly from in ConSol

The ConSol team has helped suppliers stay safe and avoid asset strikes for more than 10 years by providing quick links to the Before You Dig Australia website in the ConSol platform. We’re pleased to announce that in our next release, we’ll also provide a link to the Look Up and Live website. 

The Look Up and Live app helps suppliers plan work near power lines in many parts of Australia. The Look Up and Live tools on the App Store or Google Play provide:

  • An interactive map of overhead powerline locations
  • Safety guidelines and forms
  • Planning and safety aids, like powerline visual indicators
  • De-energisation or relocation information

If you have some extra time today, we recommend reading this post by Glen Cook, a multi-award-winning safety professional, and the driving force behind the Look up and Live app. The message is clear: Plan, stay 3 metres away from power lines, and use a spotter. Look up and live!