Project management
and delivery

Construction project management platform

Close the communication loop and deliver clear and concise information to construction project teams with ConSol. Designed to bring order, transparency and better management to construction projects.

Ease of use

Intuitive design, expert-led robust training and concise user guides and videos all contribute to rapid adoption of ConSol.

Cost effective

ConSol is cloud-based so there are no expensive hardware costs. Streamlined processes, minimised double handling and freed up staff ultimately boosts productivity and keeps finances on track.


Keep track of information easily with autosave and audit history functions. Data is encrypted while in transit and at rest.

Time efficient

Simplify complex service delivery processes with automated workflows that include every individual on a project, keeping them accountable for their tasks.

Streamline project management with ConSol

Consistently track and measure the performance of resources across multiple departments and locations. Construction project software helps the communication of productivity and profitability insights in order to create improved, dynamic strategies and outcomes. 

  • Ensure information is accurate and in the hands of the right stakeholders.
  • Provide real time updates to maintain transparency during the project. 
  • Centrally store information and documents in a format that is easily digested
  • Mitigate risk through the use of user friendly data logs. 
  • Use mobile collaboration tools to ensure each team member knows what their schedule entails.

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