Resource management

Construction resource management software

Protect or improve profit margins and minimise unnecessary costs with ConSol’s construction resource management software. ConSol makes it easy to manage machinery, materials and workforce resources, assign the right workers to the task, and ensure work is getting done. 

In delivery ConSol Work and Pay is a cloud-based construction management solution that digitizes and radically simplifies the management of resources. 

Improve operations by: 

  • Tracking resource availability 
  • Improving resource time, effort, and costs to a job 
  • Monitoring staff reductions and job scheduling 
  • Tracking usage rates to avoid under- or over-working project teams 
  • Ensuring project teams have the right skills and experience to do the task 
  • Identifying and resolving resource conflicts

Digital transformation of construction delivery

Save time and reduce administration with the removal of manual processes. Our cloud-based construction resource management software means teams can easily access the information they need when they need it. 

Improve productivity

Manage machinery, materials and workforce resources in a project by allocating them to the right place and at the right time. Use the right tools to prevent overspending by utilising resources effectively. 

Reduce costs

Effective construction crew management reduces errors and minimises costs. Assigning the right workers, subcontractors and equipment to the job improves attendance, retention, unavailability requests and time management.

Communicate better with ConSol

Facilitate faster approvals, more accurate communication and eliminate any concerns about proceeding at risk. 

Work smarter with ConSol