Risk management

Juggling multiple projects with multiple team members and contractors, spread across the country can result in inconsistent results and missed deadlines. ConSol is designed to provide transparency and improve customer satisfaction. 

ConSol makes the complexities of compliance and risk management simple with a suite of communication and coordination tools designed to streamline procurement, operations and finance business processes.

Risk and compliance in construction procurement and delivery don’t have to be big unknowns. In ConSol: 

1. Contractors are rated on performance and compliance 

2. Compare contractors and select the best supplier 

3. Monitor projects and tasks assigned to internal staff and teams in the field 

4. Receive alerts for deadlines and overruns 

5. Monitor productivity, variations and requests for extensions of time across the organisation

Transparency of productivity and performance

ConSol provides visibility of work across internal and external teams and projects, providing management with an immediate snapshot of what is happening across their business at any point in time. After assigning work, operational managers set key dates in the ConSol order lifecycle. The system generates manager alerts and warnings if missed deadlines and overruns are detected in worklists. This enables management to rapidly intervene and ensure targets are met and overruns avoided.

Minimise risk and choose the best contractor

Compliance in construction is made easier when quality subcontractors are selected. ConSol delivers on time, on budget and safely by helping select reliable, qualified contractors with a contractor performance rating system. Panel contractors are assessed on quantitative and qualitative performance measures, such as compliance with SLAs and KPIs, and customer satisfaction surveys. 

The system also provides “smart” selection of contractors and internal staff based on skills, service area, specialisation and availability. It automatically checks who meets certification requirements, displays relevant insurances and brings up a warning if the selected supplier has not fulfilled all the compliance obligations.

Receive compliant, consistent and timely construction services

ConSol ensures the contractor is meeting agreed SLAs and KPIs and delivering consistent, quality work. All project events are recorded and date stamped to support an audit trail: completed services are recorded in photographs, on-site assessments, and completion and compliance checks. This information is used to manage contractor performance, provide evidence for contract review, influence procurement practices and improve the customer experience.

Control unauthorised maverick buying

Quotes and invoices can be costed down to the item level.  Contract-specific price books can fix rates or set ceilings for item costs.  Work orders don’t move forward until the quote is agreed. There are no price variations without prior consent and invoices won’t be paid unless the invoice matches the quote. ConSol’s variation process enables the management of variations in real time, not at the end of the event. 

  • Receive alerts of deadline and cost overruns
  • Compare contractor performance ratings 
  • Ensure only suppliers who have met their compliance obligations are allocated work 
  • Reduce supplier travel-related time and costs by selecting local contractors 
  • Review and approve variations and requests for the extension of time

Transform the way you work with ConSol

ConSol construction project management software provides your organisation, your field workers, your suppliers and stakeholders from all over access to the information they need to work efficiently toward collective goals.

To find out more about what we can do to streamline the way you work, don’t hesitate to reach out today. Our team will be more than happy to walk you through the features and functionality of our construction management platform.