ConSol mobile remediation

Service Stream Fixed Communications:
ConSol Mobility for Telstra DIAS contract

The challenge

  • Expected volume: 20 FSAM per month surveyed and quoted
  • 7000 pits/ducts per month: remediated, quality inspected, reported and tracked, claimed and invoiced


  • ConSol automates the import of the Telstra quote
  • Construction work order creation is a single file import
  • ConSol Mobility displays surveys relating to each part of the remediation process
  • ConSol turns survey questionnaires into aggregated item activity codes to be used in the remediation process for Telstra
  • Support for the three phases of work: pre-remediation/ construction survey, remediation/construction work and the quality assurance check
  • As builts, photographs and documents are sent from Service Stream to Telstra enabling ConSol to be the single source of truth
  • Automated quality control on every DIAS pit
  • Field reporting aggregates for project tracking, dashboards and reports


  • Survey each pit ID
  • View work orders available to the work group
  • Accept work orders
  • Submit claims
  • Attach photos and notes
  • Work online/offline
  • Claim variations
  • Automated RCTI matching agreed item codes, rates and quantities


  • An 80% reduction in project administration per FSAM
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Improved reporting
  • Standardised work practices
  • Automated quality control tools
  • Single application experience for field users